Hi everyone! Welcome to the website of Zoë Marriott (yes, that's me) where I share information about myself, my books, writing, and any other things I think are fun or useful.

You can also catch me on my blog
The Zoë-Trope, which I update twice a week, come rain or shine or snow blizzards and getting snowed in for a week with no hot water or heating (blergh). If you have questions about writing, you can put them in the comments there, and if your question is new & interesting, I may answer on the blog itself.
Any comments or questions about my books, or suggestions on things you'd like me to add to this website can be sent to me at zdmarriott at gmail dot com.

PLEASE leave the password Alexandra in the subject line (this is to fool spammers).

For queries on foreign or any other rights to any of my published work, please contact my publisher, Walker Books.  For other queries, contact my agent Nancy Miles at MSCLA.

Thanks for visiting!

Enjoy the FrostFire and Shadows on the Moon book trailers:

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